Let’s Go On a Trip: Costa Rica


Of all the books in the world, the best stories are found between the pages of a passport – Unknown

Ever since I was a little girl I have wanted to travel, regardless if it was just a short two-hour road trip to San Diego or a flight to visit family in different parts of the world. It has always been something I am drawn to because I rarely like staying in one place for too long, I start to get an itch to travel or wanderlust if you will. At the beginning of every year I make it a point to plan at least one international trip and a series of local trips within the state.

I feel as though the main reason many people choose not to travel is because of financial reasons which I completely understand, however, the most expensive thing is the plane ticket a lot of time. For example, a flight to Bali can be pricey but a massage once you get there can be less than $10 USD. Aside from the US dollar being worth more internationally, I am always dumbfounded by the beauty that surrounds us all. Living in California all my life I have been spoiled by the beach, the beautiful weather year round, and the proximity of Los Angeles. When I have traveled people I meet are always so jealous of my living in the United States and I just have to remind myself of how blessed I really am!

Thus far I have been blessed to travel mostly within the United States, Panama, and El Salvador but this coming week I will be able to add Costa Rica to the list! Yay! I hope my excitement transcends virtually to you as well. I am mostly looking forward to the food I will be exposed to, the beautiful beaches, waterfalls, celebrating my friend’s birthday in such a tropical location. You can expect a lot of pictures and a blog post all about the trip. If you would like to read about anything specific regarding the trip please leave it in the comments and I will follow them up with posts! I’m excited to be sharing this new experience with you all, let’s go !



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