Costa Rica: Chasing Waterfalls


(All pictures are mine, please do not steal)

Day 1 complete ✔️

Today started early at 6:30am sharp with a delicious breakfast and acquiring of some cold water (coconut water per a regulars recommendation).  We hopped in the car and started towards Rio Celeste. The approximate drive was about 1.5 hours so we ventured toward the unknown, about 9km from the final destination we discover that the road turns into another road which is completely unpaved. We had a Nissan Versa which was very difficult to take up such steep conditions but my friend Eli handled it like a champ as I was not the one driving. 

We finally got to the desired destination and  we paid the $12 USD to enter the hiking trails and decided not to get a tour guide because we knew there would be signs therefore the rest was pretty straight forward. We hiked down to the Rio Celeste waterfall then back up the intense stairs to the blue lagune (Laguna Azul) and to the intersection of the two rivers where the sediments cause the change of color. 

See below the video of where the two rivers meet with the sediments causing the color change:  

Next, we had a delicious lunch at a spot a little ways down from the Rio Celeste entrance which was cheap but so worth the stop! Once we were finally out of the scary unpaved road and onto the highway we had a little concert in the car and enjoyed the scenery. We got back to the hotel and I can already tell my legs will be jell-o tomorrow with a lot of soreness. Let me tell you, it was worth it.

My friend Eli (@ellierodlove -insta) made a video to give you a quick peek into our day, hope you enjoy there will be more to come!  Most importantly  today was my beautiful friends birthday and I am beyond honored to have spent the day and the remainder of the trip with you.


i Pura Vida !


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