Costa Rica: Sweet Escape

Day 5&6 complete ✔️

I have come to the realization that I really needed this trip more than I thought for more reasons than one. I just left a job that was leaving me very unhappy, I have let some poisonous people out of my life, I forget sometimes how truly blessed I am.

We rented a car so we drive everywhere and it has really opened my eyes to how lucky I am for all that I have, I am so blessed to have a roof over my head and a car that gets me from point A to B. I’ve met people here who walk miles just to get home on a daily basis. How foolish of me to think that it wasn’t “that hard” for them, in fact it’s only worse is Nicaragua from what I’ve heard. Supposedly the wages there are practically unliveable. Being here has been a slap in the face of sorts to thank god everyday for all the blessing He gives us, often times we take the little things for granted when we really shouldn’t.

One must always cherish what you have as you never know when it could be taken from you. 

On Wednesday we had a late breakfast at the hotel and I drank coffee from Costa Rica for the first time ! So good guys, I’m buying some and taking it with me, my dad is going to love it. Now, I am Salvadorean so I am used to a certain breakfast and luckily the breakfast here is pretty close! We eat eggs with tomato, rice mixed with beans, bread (instead of tortilla), and I ask for fried plantains (if you’ve never tried this – do it asap!) which is very delicious! Next we went to Playa Conchal which was so cool, the “sand” at this beach isn’t sand it’s broken seashells. We went a little late so the waves were pretty high and I didn’t want to get swept away so I just by where the tide barely hit, then we walked over to the next beach which was Basilita Beach which was also very pretty but the water was not cold at all because of the heat. I have tanned quite a bit even if I put a layer of sunscreen every day. We then had dinner and came back to the hotel to deshell ourselves which was not so fun- I had shells Everywhere.

On Thursday we woke up to get ready and stopped by a small market to get something quick and made our way to Pura Aventura where we had made 1:30pm reservations. We ended up getting there like two hours early on accident but the girl who worked there; Gabby was so sweet and she kept us entertained meanwhile. Once everyone was ready we headed up to start Zip lining ! This was my first time so I didn’t really get nervous until I was about to jump the first one but it was AMAZING. I feel like I really have been missing out, the views are insane and the people are so nice and they let you feel safe. I will definitely be doing that again wherever I travel next. Afterwards we headed to Playa Negra to enjoy the view, I wanted to see black sand but it wasn’t what I was expecting because it looks just like Cali sand. We made it to Restaurant Latina which was on the way back and had some nachos with chicken and a pineapple juice (freshly made) and it tasted like heaven. Lastly, we came back to the hotel and went for a swim before showering and calling it a day.

Once again words cannot fully express how lucky and happy I feel to be here, and I am taking every day in slowly and making sure I remember it all. I’ve included some pictures from today below.


More to come!



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