Costa Rica: Reflecting 

As my time here in Costa Rica has come to an end (for now) I have learned many things on this trip. Had I not come I believe my outlook on things probably would be very different. First I’ll recap on how we spent the last few days.

Day 7&8 complete ✔️

On Thursday my friend Eli and I knew we wanted to go zip lining at some point in our trip so we called around this was the day to do it! We went to a place called Pura Aventura which was only about an hour or so from our hotel in Liberia. The experience was so amazing I loved it. (See previous blog post for pictures & video) 

On Friday we went to visit the famous Volcan Arenal, the biggest volcano in all of Costa Rica. We first parked the car then hiked down to the river of the volcano and swam inside. Also, there was black sand which is incredible for your skin so we put it all over and scrubbed- my skin was so soft afterwards! (see below):  



After the river went on the next trail to the waterfall. The trail was inside a resort but you don’t need to actually stay there to enjoy the trails which was super amazing, see video below of the waterfall at the end of the stairs:

On the way to Arenal we passed the biggest lake which in Spanish is Laguna, and it was such a sight to see.  This was a picture from my snapchat story.
 The landscape was so green and lush and breathtaking I truly fell in love.

On Saturday, our last full day we went to El Rincon de la Vieja with a couple of the locals. This location had a national park and it’s very own small volcano! There was also a hidden waterfall that you had to pay $5 to get to because it was on private property. Trust me when I say it’s worth it ! Do it and visit the waterfall it was my favorite from the whole trip to swim in, the water was so turquoise it was stunning. See below:



This trip taught me to be humble, to be open to new experiences and to cherish the people around you and the places you visit. So thankful to have come on this trip. Click to see Vlog #1 of Costa Rica 2016!
We will miss you Costa Rica, until next time.❤️ 



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