Get Out Of Your Own Way

Me, Photography by Erick Lopez

I love to see people happy, I love to be the reason someone smiles.

In many situations in my life I have done things just to make someone else happy, I have sacrificed things in my life to see it please someone else. The problem with that is that it leaves me feeling like there’s a void. Oftentimes I look back to reflect on things and I wonder why I did something or ask myself what were you thinking?

Have you ever had a moment where you randomly remember something that happened in the past and you just can’t remember the justification for doing it? In reality, we as human are creatures of habit and once we begin to do something there is high possibility that we will not change it.

Why do you think this is?  Change is scary. A lot of the reasons why I haven’t done something are because I was afraid that I would fail. In fact, the reason it took me so long to start this blog was because I would think, “No one will read it, and no one will even care.” Why do we let our fears control us? Why do we allow our growth to stall because we’re already foreseeing all the things that could go wrong? We create all these imaginary scenarios that haven’t even happened. I myself have been victim of this; I have been too worried to do something because I’ve also cared far too much what others will think.

The ironic thing is that the reason I decided to do this blog is because I know a lot of the time I rant about topics in my life but I also know that we need people that we can relate too and I am not the only one who goes through things in life and I am also not the only one who needs to read the harsh reality of things. Sometimes it’s not about what you want to hear, but instead what you need to hear.

Stop being so scared, it’s true you could probably try something new and maybe it won’t work out  but there’s also a chance that it could be your breakthrough or your calling. You will never know until you give it a shot, give yourself a chance- you’re capable of great things. Most importantly, if you decide to do something, do it for YOU and for no one else.



2 thoughts on “Get Out Of Your Own Way

  1. I’m reading and I care. Thank you for this blog that I truthfully just stumbled upon and I am very grateful for. You’re absolutely right, simply being able to relate means so much. You openness and honesty is both comforting and inspiring. Please keep up this wonderful work.


    1. Hi Max, I’m sorry it took me so long to reply but I wanted to let you know that I am so happy that my post was helpful! I wasn’t sure anyone would read them but if anything I’m so glad they were some comfort!


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