The Wait: Review

Copyright of Sarita Lopez
I have been a fan of Devon Franklin since my sister introduced me to his first book “Produced by Faith” and I instantly found myself so impressed by his writing style and his sense of purpose. A few things that really inspire me about him include how he stands up for his faith, for serving God as a preacher and how he doesn’t let that affect his career – in fact it has only furthered his career as a producer.  When I found out that he married Meagan Good I was so surprised, firstly because I only knew of her as an actress and I didn’t really associate her with being an outspoken Christian. Soon after, I found out that Devon and Meagan wrote a book called “The Wait” which was released in early March 2016.

I have since read the entire book and WOW. Have you ever read a book that you like so much that you intentionally drag it out as much as possible? The day finally came where I had to finish it and I’m so sad it’s over. I feel like this book has answered so many internal questions that I didn’t even know I had. For so long I have struggled with wanting to settle down and much of it has to do with the phrase itself. Why would I want to SETTLE for just anyone? I know the right person is out there for me but I have been approaching it all wrong.

In the generation I am from, the 90’s it’s a miracle if you find someone who is actually in a serious relationship that you can guarantee is heading for marriage. Don’t get me wrong I’m not judging anyone’s relationship and I wish you all the best, I’m just stating a fact. A lot of the people my age are just “talking” or “seeing where it goes” which doesn’t make any sense at all. If you don’t know where you’re heading as a couple you should probably talk about that considering that you’re investing so much time on them. This book has clarified to me the importance of taking your time to really get to know people, we don’t always take our time to explore the person we’re interested in other ways than just sexually.

As humans we want to show our “love” or “passion” by touch or by giving ourselves to the person we care about. In all honesty I never knew why I was “waiting” before but now that I see the importance of that Waiting process I realize that if you are waiting to be intimate with anyone it should be for a reason, not just because you’re having a dry spell. There are many lessons about this, about learning more about who you really are, and learning who God has for you. I would give this book 5/5 on a 1 to 5 scale, not because I’m biased but because this book really spoke to me and I am so thankful that these two shared their experience and I wish them nothing but blessings in their marriage. I thank you for writing about the reality that is marriage in this day and age, and doing your part to point people in the right direction.



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