Change Your Perspective

Photography by Daniel Tapia

Why is that sometimes we will pray over something to leave our lives because we know very well that it is not good for us- yet the second it does you start to question what God is doing in your life. Why am I single again God? Why did I lose my job? Why am I broke?

You start to feel like you are almost being punished when you did nothing wrong. You feel like maybe God is trying to punish you or “teach you a lesson” but in reality you need to see what he is truly doing. Perhaps the people who are exiting your life were actually hindering your growth or your true purpose.

What if the people who are now leaving were actually people who were rooting against you? What if those people were actually praying or hoping you wouldn’t succeed? Tell me, would that change your perspective in any way? I find that so often we focus on the small negatives instead of stepping back and seeing the big picture. We continue to want things to change in our lives, or pray that God will give us some kind of breakthrough but when things do start to change –we FREAK OUT. No one really likes losing control over things, especially their life.

Personally, I have experienced this first hand in various ways. There have been times where I’ve prayed over a friendship to grow but instead the friendship started to deteriorate and we drifted. Or perhaps in a romantic relationship I have also prayed over them and instead of it getting better, things fizzled out and we stopped talking. Of course in the moment I was angry, and hurt that the things I was looking forward to were falling apart. After the fact, I saw it for what it really was because after everything was said and done I was glad I wasn’t in those friendships or with that person anymore. For one reason or another it would have never worked out and I am thankful I was able to avoid further heartache because I know in my heart that God is always looking out for me and my heart.

It is so important that we take the time to remember that in order for a shift to occur in your life, you will have to see constant change and sometimes that can mean things that we don’t necessarily like to happen. Take a moment to recognize that it is okay to not know what will happen next, it is in these moments that our Faith is truly tested. It is in the hard times that we should lean in even more, and focus on constantly growing instead of focusing on what we are missing out on or losing. If you want to see a SHIFT in your life, you need to change your PERSPECTIVE. The next time you find yourself in a trying time, step back and try to see things from a different perspective and see how this situation could be viewed as a lesson.


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